Plugins allow you to alter a document right before indexing.

This can be useful for applying transformations to documents and offers greater flexibility.

Although this comes with some level of development.

Plugins are currently supported only in the Python Language.

For example, imagine you had a user profile database with firstname and lastname fields and generating the Elasticsearch doc below.

    "firstname": "feng",
    "lastname": "shui"

we can create a plugin to add a fullname field to the document right before indexing.

Create a "plugins" directory and add it to your PYTHONPATH.

Create a plugin module - inside the "plugins" directory and add the code below:

class FullnamePlugin(plugin.Plugin):
    name = 'Fullname'

    def transform(self, doc, **kwargs):

        firstname = doc['firstname'] 
        lastname = doc['lastname'] 
        doc['fullname'] = f'{firstname}{lastname}'

        return doc

Then simply activate the plugin by adding it to the list of plugins in the schema.json

        "database": "users",
        "index": "users",
        "plugins": ["Fullname"],
        "nodes": {
            "table": "profile"

To get this document in Elasticsearch

    "firstname": "feng",
    "lastname": "shui",
    "fullname": "feng shui"


Plugin names are case sensitive