PostgreSQL to Elasticsearch sync

PGSync simplifies your data pipeline by integrating Postgres into Elasticsearch.

What is PGSync?

PGSync is a middleware for syncing data from Postgres to Elasticsearch. It allows you to keep Postgres as your source of truth data source and expose structured denormalized documents in Elasticsearch.

Simply describe your document structure or schema in JSON and PGSync will continuously capture changes in your data and load it into Elasticsearch without writing any code. PGSync transforms your relational data into a structured document format.

It allows you to take advantage of the expressive power and scalability of Elasticsearch directly from Postgres. You don’t have to write complex queries and transformation pipelines. PGSync is lightweight, fast and flexible.

More documentation can be found on the Github page.

Real-time analytics

By syncing Postgres into Elasticsearch, Kibana will allow you to get continuous and real-time data visualization of your applications.

Reliable primary datastore/source of truth

Elasticsearch indices can be rebuilt on-demand using the Postgres database without data duplication.

Scale on-demand

Elasticsearch nodes can be added to the cluster allowing you to scale-out to fit your business needs without down-time.


PGSync provides integration and deployment services for your stack.

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More information can be found on the Github